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About WaspGo

The origin of the idea

WaspGo is developed based on the experiences of professional bee keepers. In this business people have been looking for ages for a solution to keep wasps away from their hyves, because they attack bees and kill them, so they can use the bee larvae to feed their own larvae.
Because of this the bee population is jeopardised and with that the source of income of the bee keepers as well. For them it was essential to find a way to prevent this in future.

WaspGo has collected their knowledge and experiences and used them for the development of a revolutionary product which takes a different approach to the treatment of wasp nuisance. Not like conventional means that can only be deployed by the time the damage has already been done.

During the past six years WaspGo has been working on developing a fluid that specifically attracts wasp queens with the intention to lure them into a trap. Many dozens of researches and tests have pointed out that the formulas WaspGo uses for her baits contain exactly those ingredients wasp queens are searching for when they come out of hibernation.

In combination with the trap designed by WaspGo this produces a product with which wasp nuisance can be prevented in a distinctive area. Of course, the outcome of the research is not only interesting for bee keepers, but also for bars and restaurants with terraces, camp-sites, playgrounds, amusement parks and all the other outdoor locations where people flock together in the summer. Or even for your own garden.

Please note: it is not possible to exterminate the mentioned wasp species by using WaspGo. Deploying WaspGo will only have a local effect and be of little influence on the total population in a certain country.

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