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Frequently asked questions

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Why can't I use the same products as in summer?

Queens are not looking for sweet food, but, among others, for proteins and (old) wood to build a nest. So no chance to catch a queen with sirop or something alike. Unfortunately, they have a more refined taste.

How many Packs do I need? 

This depends on the environment. How much food is there to find? We advise to use a pack every 5000 square meters. If you have a terras in the middle of the woods, please use some more.

Will the two mentioned species go extinct? 

No, that's impossible. WaspGo will only have a small effect on the total population, even if many people start to use it. The effect is very local; but wasps operate very local, so it is very effective in fighting the nuisance in a small area.

Can we guarantee that you will not see any wasps if you use WaspGo?

No. It is possible that you will see some wasps in summertime which have flown further from their nest than normal. But to see a wasp now and then, is of course not a big inconvenience for you or your guests/customers.\

Will I catch other insects? 

Of course we tried to develop and refine WaspGo in such a way that only wasp queens will be caught.
At this moment it seems we succeeded quite well in this objective. Please inform us if you catch any other insects. Please don't start experimenting yourself with other fluids, as you might catch many other species.

If I don''t catch a queen in the trap, does that mean WaspGo didn't work?

No, you can only tell in summertime if Waspgo WaspGo was effective. Sometimes a queen flies (in and) out, but in the end WaspGo will make the queen addicted to the bait and she will not be able to finish the nest and die. If you catch one, you can -if you want- free the queen in another area, be sure to close the openings during transportation.

Does WaspGo contain toxic ingredients?

The baits are 100% NON-toxic, and consists only of completely harmless nutrition elements that can be bought at any (or some specialized) food stores (in Europe and abroad: USA, Canada, etc.). WaspGo is harmless for the environment.

However, the bait deteriorates over time, which makes it even more attractive to wasp queens, but (probably) unhealthy to consume. So: keep away from children, don't drink the bait.

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