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WaspGo®  in practice

In the spring of 2007 WaspGo was introduced in Europe. This has received a lot of media attention in several (trade) journals. Understandable, because the product is unique in its approach towards wasp control and there is no other product alike on the market.
Hundreds of people all across Europe have used WaspGo and we've received many positive reactions of which some are shown below.

"I've caught around 40 queens this year using WaspGo and until now there have been barely any wasps. We were having a real wasp plague every year before."
A. Faber, St.Leon-sur-L' Isle, France

 "We are very happy with WaspGo, we have caught 25 queens and will definitively use it again next year!"
Outdoorcentre Wolfskuylen, The Netherlands

 "The WaspGo has delivered us several queens and up until now we haven't seen any wasps. The last years we had many nests in the ground so we're very happy with WaspGo."
Mrs. Westra Hoekzema, The Netherlands

"We are very satiffied with the results. We caught 5 huge queens and we hope we will be spared from wasp nuisance this summer."
J. van der Starre, The Netherlands

"We used the  WaspGo Prevention Pack with great succes: almost no wasps at all anymore!"
H. Tjelpa, Domaine de la Barraque, France

Wasp nuisance in summer?

You forgot to use WaspGo® last spring!
Because WaspGo® prevents wasp problems by catching  wasp queens in early spring so they are not able to build nests containing up to 50.000 wasps! If you use WaspGo, in early Spring, you will have a relaxed summer !

The traps included in the Wasp Prevention Pack can also be used to catch normal wasps (with different bait!).

The problem

In the second half of the summer, wasps start looking for sweet things outside the nest, because at that time there are no more larvae in the nest that secrete sweet material (to reward the workers). 

They scatter around terraces, playgrounds, swimming pools and can become very aggressive when chased away. With WaspGo you can protect your business, because your guests are not scared away. The stings of the wasps are very unpleasant and for allergical people a sting can even lead to an anaphylactic shock! 

WaspGo ®  has developed a revolutionary method which is not directed at controlling wasp nuisance but at the prevention of it.
Our product's aim is to catch wasp queens when they fly out after hibernation in early spring to build a new nest.

The solution

The WaspGo ® prevention pack consists of two specially designed traps and two bottles of patented liquid bait, of which after years of research has been determined that they posses a strong attraction to the wasp queens of the two wasp species most to be found in Europe and North America, the Common Wasp (Vespa Vulgaris) and the German Wasp (Vespa Germanica. In the southern hemisphere these exotic species are even considered to be a danger to the ecological balance.

By hanging the WaspGo ® traps outside and filling them with (just the bottom of the trap) the bait, all queens in the neighbourhood are attracted and caught, which means they won't be able to build a nest, which could have contained up to 40.000 wasps.

Because wasps generally do not fly further from the nest than some 1500 feet they will (very likely) not be a bother in summer in the area where you hung the traps in spring! Even if you don't actually "catch" a queen, you might see one flying in and escape again. They will eventualy die. If you hang the trap in the mid of (a sunny) day, waps queens will arrive within hours. At least, if there are any in the neighbourhood. 

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